Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing restores balance to the spiritual aspect of any issue whether emotional, psychological, financial, or physical. In this 90 minute session we will determine your intention and then I will call my helping spirits and ask what they recommend. The most common types of healing are soul retrieval, extraction/illumination and spirit animal retrieval, but I do not guarantee anything. Instead, I rely on my spirit's recommendations.

Life Coaching Session

You'll send me some pre-work that I assign and we will spend an hour helping you to uncover what you need most. You'll leave with new insights and, usually, the simple small actions you've decided want to take to move towards your best life. (Buying a package of six sessions is more economical if you know you are in the midst of big change.)

Life Coaching/Shamanic Mentoring + Healing (any combination) Package of 6 Sessions

Let's dive deep together. I love working with "all in" committed clients who are ready and willing to do their work. In six sessions, a lot can happen! This is the most economical way to do a series of sessions. To be used within 1 years time.

A Sacred Reading: A Vibe Raising Divination

Bring an issue that you would like more insight or clarity on and we will call upon the sacred to offer hidden information regarding the situation. You will leave feeling more elevated and clear about where you want to focus your energies.

Pick my Brain

Ask me about animal totems, a coaching issue, shamanism, healing, writing books...or life:) OR very focused coaching session for exisisting clients:)